Lavender sachet for Christmas stocking

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Lavender is one of the most amazing, delicate flower. We can enjoy them in deep purple, light purple, pink and white. 

Lavender is a beautifully scented herb, inhaling lavender scent can prevent stress, anxiety and depression.

One of my real favorite craft project is making lavender sachets.

I hand pick our lavender, dry them in small banches. I rub the dried lavender flowers between my fingers to get the lovely small buds off the stem. I sew small bags from cotton fabric and fill them with the lavender buds.

Lavender sachet makes a lovely present for our loved ones but always save some for ourselves.

Put one under your pillow to get a better night sleep. 

Massage it gently between your fingers while watching TV or reading your book.

Put it in your wardrobe and drawers or Christmas stockings and anywhere in the house to enjoy the lovely scent and the benefits of it.

Enjoy xxxx