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Natural soap      7. April 2016.

Handmade all natural soap made with simple, pure natural ingredients which is good for your skin. Our skin is porous and absorbent. It absorbs ingredients from products and all sort of things it comes in contact with.

In soap making process oils and butters are combined with lye (Sodium Hydroxide) solution to produce soap, this chemical process is called saponification. 

Each oil has it’s own saponification value. That is the amount of Sodium Hydroxide required to turn it into soap. These values we can find in books and we can calculate the necessary ingredients for our soap recipe but a much easier version is to use an online soap calculator.

We use less lye than what we would need to saponify all our oils so some free oils are left in our soap to be more moisturizing on our skin.  

A discount of up to 15% (free oils) will still produce a decent bar and for someone with chronic dry skin it is ideal, but the soap shelf life could be shorter, it also depends on the oils used as well.

In handmade natural soap we have glycerine from the oils which is a great moisturiser.

Commercial soap manufacturers usually remove the glycerine from their soap to use them in lotions and moisturisers.

Natural handmade soaps gently clean your skin and helps to keep it moisturised.

I created my own soap recipe, choosing my favourite natural oils and butters. The type of oils and butters we use in soaps makes a difference to how hard the bar is and also it gives it’s conditioning, cleansing and lathering properties.

 I use botanicals for oil infusion and for strong brewed tea to make Jumo naturals handmade soaps  more gentle, healing and soothing.

I add Mother Nature’s clays to some of my soaps , they remove toxins from skin and helps to detoxify your skin. They gently exfoliate the skin, make it smoother and refreshed.

 Unscented soaps have a light natural scent of their natural ingredients, in the scented ones I use pure essential oils.

I colour my soaps only with natural ingredients as botanicals and clays.

I use cold process traditional methods to make our natural soaps. It is the best method to produce the highest quality soap.

Hot process soap also gives a great natural soap bar. I make one of my Lavender soaps using this method, in a slow cooker it takes about an hour to fully gel through the soap mixture and right at the end I add a little extra nutrient oil to it to make it more special. This oil won’t saponify in the mixture, it is great to ‘kind of’ control which oil stays’ free’ from saponification in the soap.

Cold process soap takes 4-6 weeks to cure but I experienced they are best to use after 2 months of drying.

We can use hot process soap the next day but I like to dry it for at least  2 weeks, it makes it harder and last longer.

Jumo naturals handmade natural soaps are all vegan. Only natural ingredients, no chemicals are in our soaps.

To switch to using all natural products would help on a variety of skin conditions.

Natural soaps are purely gorgeous, a treat to the eye and an utter luxury and joy to use.

Use natural products to be good to your skin and to our planet.

Much love to you all. Monika